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For the month of


MATH -- We will be starting division strategies and understing how to use the remainders.

LANGUAGE ARTS -- We will be looking at the essential question "How do animals change stories" We will focus on theme, and story structures.

WRITING -- For the months of November and Decemer we will be focusing on expository stories. Students will pick a topic they know a lot about and write to tell others all about it.

BOOK REPORT -- For the months of November and December students will be reading another book of their choice (as long as they haven't read from the same book series as previous months). They will be creating a "Cereal Box Book Report" in December. They will also present their book to their classmates in the form of a comerical for their cereal. This will be part of their listening and speaking grade this next trimester. Book reports will be due on Wednesday, December 13th. Comercials will be presented in class on December 14th - 15th. See examples from previous years on our study guide page.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE -- We have started learning about the first people of California and where they came from, where they settled, and why they lived where they did.





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This site is designed for students, parents and teachers as well so please take a look around there is something for everyone.  As the students create stories they will be posted to their own page for anyone with internet access to read.  The calendar page has upcoming events to keep you up-to-date on things going on at school.  The photo gallery will have pictures of our classroom activities.  The links page has kid friendly links to sites we will be using in class.  Finally the newsletter page will have our monthly newsletter posted (just in case you loose your copy).

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