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By: Marley

January 2023

Did you ever want to know how to draw? Well I'm going to tell you what you need . You need some supplies, you need to know how to draw and what to draw.


So first you need supplies. These are some things  you would need . First you need paper because you need something to draw on , so it would come out good. The next thing you need is pencils or colored pencils to color with so it can look colorful. The last thing you need is a an eraser so if you make a mistake you can fix it and if you draw something wrong you can fix it too.

Next  you need to know how to draw so your drawing will come out good . Also things you would do is draw the head because you would want your person to have a head. The next thing you would need is to draw a body so they can have a body on your drawing. The last thing you would draw is arms so you can have arms on your body

Finally you need to know how to draw so your drawing will come out good . You can draw people like if you want to do a self portrait. Also, if you want to draw places like McDonalds or anything that is a place it can be cool. One more thing you can do is animals ,like my favorite animal ,the cheetah. So you can draw things like that.

So I hope I told you how to draw, the supplies you need  like paper and  how to draw like the bodies and what to draw like people . I hope you can learn from the things I told you.  I hope you know  what to draw .

The Scary Haunted house

By: Marley

It was Halloween and Belen ,Norah  and  Miguel told me to go to this haunted house that is only on Halloween .  I was going to go, but Halloween was tomorrow . I had to get a costume. The thing is, I didn't know what to be . So I finally decided that I wanted to be a vampire! I could not sleep. I was excited. Then Belen had texted  that she was going to a party!     

 Next, we were like okay then let's just go to the haunted house  I  blurted  out I'm scared I donít want to go first  can you Miguel .  Then he said yeah! Then I pushed him in then he ran out and Yelled! hey to me and i was like sorry .then said, that why is nobody was here . Then I said, is this the Michael Myers old house ?   

After that, I was scared, but I did want to see all the spooky things in there. Hey Norah What she blurted out IĒSee like a secret  door, okay let's go in ,Marley .ďNo Norah I think this is a bad idea .You are such a big baby. Letís go now before they come.   

I found something in the secret room.  It was  like a key . Then I heard something, and I ran out of the room . I found Miguel and we heard screaming so there was a closet .  Miguel and I hid under clothes he blurted out and said, Iím going out .I yelled, Good luck!  

Then Norah  Found a key in the basement that let us out.  It did but Michael Myers was coming, so we all ran out and lived.  That night still haunted me and they still say they hear screaming till this day.

Summer School and Heart  

By: Marley

You won't believe what happened this summer.Isabella Niah and I were having fun. Life was good. We were playing all the time.  Then we would go to snack

Next we watched moves and then everything went downhill.

We had a lot of drama with Isabella and Niah. It was mind blowing. It was about me liking her friend but she was good friend, but that was her good friends.           

After that Isabella John and Avalin  did TMS . That stands for The Midnight Society. We did games like duck, duck, goose. it is about scary stories and joining people.  We also did meetings with people, and had fun. After that I stopped doing TMS then she got mad at me . Then I did not want to be friends and it was all good. Then the drama we had was bad. No good things happened. People would go on her side and not mine just like 4 people went on my side

I did art projects. Isabella and Aliyn did a Stranger Things projects. Me and Niah did the North Pole ,and it was fun. We would get a pizza party if we won, we didn't win .

Also me and Isabella had bad days and good days . We are not friends and we are friends sometimes.