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Me at Hillcrest
By: Kenneth Lavey


  Have you ever been to a place with a train ride, corn maze,  pumpkin patch,  and a hayride  all in one? In October my family went to hillcrest Farm and it was fun. I went with my brother, aunt, mom, and grandma.


 The first thing we did was go on a train ride. And the next thing we did was go to the pumpkin patch and the next thing we did was go on a hayride.  


We looked at all kinds of pumpkins, different shapes, and all kinds of colors. I really enjoyed the corn maze, and I was afraid of all of the scarecrows. My brother Richard and l had a lot of fun playing in the big tree house.


Grandma said all of the pumpkins were really heavy and we had to carry the pumpkins in a wagon to get the pumpkins in the car. There were a lot of people around us, so it was hard to keep our distance, because of the corona virus, it was very crowded. 


And then after that we went to the hot dog stand and got a couple of hot dogs and me and Richard got 2 corn dogs and after that we looked up into the sky and saw just one star in the sky. I made a wish on that star and then we went home.  Some day I think that it will come true.