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By: Logan

December 2021

I will tell you about skateboards with good wheels. I am also going to tell you about your safety so wear a helmet. You don't want to get scraped so wear pads.


I will tell you about the equipment you need: a skateboard with good wheels. And you need a helmet that you donít get a concussion. And you need pads that you don't get badly scraped. 

Now I will tell you about the tricks you can do different tricks. Like ollies and grinds and 360s.I would say don't do a dark slide on a big rail.

Now I will tell you about the skate park. There is a bowl that is very high and scary. I never went down it and I never have. The half pipes are easy for me.

Finally I am used to  the bowl and the whole skate park. Thank you for reading my story. You might be great at something you never knew you could do.