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My Life In Italy

By: Emmie

December 2022

I used to live in italy. I had a lot of friends. I loved my school. I lived in an apartment.

I had two best friends. Their names were Sophia and Adriana. Sophia had two siblings. Adriana had four siblings. Adriana and Sophia hated each other but I don’t know why. Sophia had brown curly hair and Adriana had brown straight hair. 

My school was awesome! Adriana was in my class. Sophia was in second grade. She was a year younger than me. I took the bus with them too. 

 lived in an apartment. I shared a room with my brother. My sister had her own room. I lived near Sophia and Adriana. We lived in Cowdonyo.

I loved Italy, it was awesome! My friends were amazing. School was boring. I love my apartment.

One Day With Two

By: Emmie

I'm at my house at 5:00 and it is dark on Halloween night. First Frankenstein was coming for me. All the monsters came out trying to find me.

First, Frankenstein came out. He’s usually my favorite monster, but not today. I felt like I was going to die. Wait what uuuh uuuh uuuh chuuuh! That felt so good. Oh no, why did I do that?

After that Frankenstein found me. He told Dracula where I was! Right away I ran to the twin’s house. I yelled “Abelia, Hector, help me!” They told me to settle down. But I yelled  again, “I can’t just settle down, There are monsters chasing me!” They screamed, “Why didn't you tell us!” They told me to hide so I did.

The monsters barged in and groaned, “where is she?” “We don’t know!” squealed  the twins. The monsters knew they were lying. The monsters bagged past them. They had found me! I was so scared!

They talked a little, and laughed. I was confused. They said they found my trick or treat bag and wanted to give it back. I laughed. That was my Halloween.

The Book of My Summer


Can you guess what I did this summer? I went to the beach with my Mom , Mimi , Papa , sister , and brother. It was really fun.

Next , I went down to the beach with my family.I buried my body with sand.

Then we got Pismo yogurt.

After that I froze my body in the water.My sister just wanted me to keep going back in. It took two minutes for the cold to go away.

Then my peanut butter jelly sandwich got all sandy.I didn't care , I still ate it.After that I had some chips. They got sandy too.

Finally , I went home. It was a two hour drive. My brother kept yelling. It was super annoying. I could not sleep. That's what I did this summer.