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Going trick-or-treating

By: Valentina


One dark night a boy, who's name is Noah and a girl who's name is Samantha, went out trick-or-treating. (They also stopped at a gas station.)


Next when they stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. They got scared because they felt like someone was watching them go take a number 1.


After Noah and Samantha went to take a number 1 they still kind of felt scared about the someone watching them in the bathroom, so they just walked out.


Going to Los Angles

By: Valentina

Have you ever seen an anime called danganronpa. Well I seen a lot of danganronpa things. First when I went to la I got to see a lot of anime thing like anime shirts, and I think other stuff but I don't really know what stuff.  At la there was a lot of stuff that people bought like clothes, food, and other stuff (Plus it was fun there and also a bunch of people).  Then my mom and dad and brother went to go eat something at  a place.  Finally me and my mom and dad and brother went home and my dad had to drive a couple hours and it was still day time. I also wanna go again :) .