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 The Haunted House



Have you been kidnapped? One evening a few people named Anne, Jerry, and Bill  were kidnapped by a witch in a haunted house.


Jerry and his friends Bill and Anne try to use their phones in the home, but they don't work. “Anne, What are we going to do?” Jerry screamed. “You go here, you here!”


They tried to get  out of the windows, but all of them were boarded up with wood. They punch, kick and grab stuff around there to get through it, but they still can’t get out.


Then they started to see witches all around. They didn't know what to do. Jerry said, “I am going to fight the witch.”  Bill said, “Break a leg.”  He went to fight her and…


 Jerry was just dreaming. He was so scared when he woke up, but he was outside of his home and he didn’t know how he got there.


To Tennessee


Have you ever been to Tennessee? me and my family and I went on a summer holiday to Tennessee.

On the way to Tennessee with my family, we saw 37 trains. And we saw a Lamborghini Aventador. It was so cool.Then we got there.

First we jump in the water. We made big splashes. And we found cool things like geodes.

Then my brother had practice. Then he had to race on his bike. He got 15th,17th,and 30th is what place  you get.

Finally my dad was not happy with him at all, but we had fun there. We evinr went to a ghost home. I forgot what it is called. That was a trip to tennessee.