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By: Garrett

December 2020

Do you want to be good at soccer? These are some tips and tricks on how to be better at soccer. I will tell you 3 different things about how to make you better at soccer. They are Equipment, tricks, and positions.

First, equipment. You can get gloves for being a goalie. You also need to get a soccer ball. And the last thing you can get for equipment is you can choose to wear cleats to run on grass faster. You need gloves because it could give you a good grip so it doesn't hit your hand and roll in the goal. You also need a soccer ball to play the game. 

Next, are tricks. One of the tricks is if you are the goalie you can determine where they are going to kick. Another trick is you can move the player away from you. You can run one way and they are going to try to get the ball, but you can jump up and kick the ball behind you. Then you can kick the ball away from the other player. The last trick is that if you have a free kick you can make it look like you're going to kick it one way but you kick it on the other side of your foot and the goalie will think you're kicking one way, but you're actually kicking the other way.


Finally are positions. The first position is trying to cover most of the goal, but if you have a big goal then this trick wouldn’t work. If you have a big goal try to move where the ball is going to get launched in the goal then move in front of the ball and it will block it. The next position is being behind someone. If you are behind someone when they are thinking what move they are going to do or just standing there doing nothing with the ball you can come from behind them and steal the ball from them.


These are some tips that can be helpful when you are playing soccer. Again the tips were equitment, tricks and positions. Those are some tricks for playing soccer.


The Halloween Scare

By: Garrett


One dark and stormy night there was a boy named Nick and another boy Jack. They were at their house getting ready for trick-or-treating. They were on the phone figuring out what costume they should be. Nick exclaimed to Jack that he wanted to be a knight. Jack replied I want to be a cowboy! They were talking from Jack's house to Nick's house with their phones.


Next, they hung up the phone, put on their costumes and sprinted out the door! They met up and started trick-or-treating from house to house. They were getting candy and giving the owners of the house a compliment of their decorations and getting more candy. They found a fake haunted house for kids and they walked past it. Nick saw a person who gave out candy to them when they were done, so Nick told Jack to go in. Jack obviously went in with Nick.


After they got the candy from the haunted house, Jack found a graveyard. Jack wanted to go in, but Nick begged not to go in. Jack exclaimed to Nick they had to choose over candy or scary things that made them happy. They chose scary things that made them happy and walked in the graveyard. Nick was freaked out, but Jack was excited!


Then, they heard a groaning sound and Nick was so scared he passed out for a few seconds on the floor. Jack instantly woke Nick up and they sprinted for the gates. All of a sudden a ZOMBIE stumbled up in front of them and freaked Jack and Nick out so much that they ran away.


Finally, Jack and Nick found a stick. They cautiously walked to the groaning sound and found the Zombie! Nick yanked the stick and made the Zombie get knocked out. They put the zombie back in his grave. Then the kids walked out of the graveyard and all of a sudden it started raining cats and dogs. Right after it started raining they heard a slight groan. “RUN!” yelled Nick, “Let’s get out of here before the Zombie comes back to get us.” So the boys ran as fast as they could and never went back there ever again.


Going To The Beach

By: Garrett

Have you ever gone to the beach before? I went to the beach and it was probably the summer of 2021. My dad thought my mom was having a rough day so he brought my brother Jacob and my sister Leah. We drove to the beach and it took about three hours!!

Next, I was excited and also happy. My dad got us a hotel and we had to wait for around an hour. We went to the Beach to wait to go to our hotel. I heard the waves and felt the sand on my feet. It was so relaxing.

Next, we were able to go in so my dad opened the door and I was excited! We went to our hotel and I took my shoes off. It was relaxing to get my shoes off and take a break. Then we laid on the beds and we also played around a little.

Next we were getting ready for swimming in the pool close to us. We changed but my dad did not and then we were walking out of the hotel. We got outside and my dad opened the door to the swimming pool. There was a hot tub and a pool. I swam around and laid in the hottub. Then I think we changed back into our clothes.

Last, we packed up our things and went to the car. I wished we could go longer but we couldn’t. We drove home and the trip was fun! That is what I did during what I think was the summer of 2021!