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The Utah Trip

By: Jacob

Have you ever been to Utah? I have and I have so many things to tell you. This past summer my family went to Utah because we wanted to do fun things with my friend. When I was in Utah, my mom, my brother, my dad, and my sister were unloading the car my family was in. We were thinking about where to go but we did not know around town so we were looking around town with our friend. We saw a waterpark that was indoors so obviously we went.It was getting night time and my mom's friend said you can go in the hot tub. I was thinking this is the best trip ever, but after a bit it was getting hot and stinky. When I was getting out of the hot tub I was thinking about how I was going to sleep, but I was getting ready for bed. I was going up to tell my mom good night but she said you can stay up here if you want so what I do is avoid bedtime, so I stayed up there.When we hit the last day we packed everything in the car and we did as many things we could do. We went to my favorite place to eat, Cafe rio, and we were eating it on the drive home in California.