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Booge’s Life

By: David Rivas 


One dark night the evil witch made a mean monster. The monster was alive, so the witch gave him the name Evil. Evil had bright red eyes, black skin, and was strong.

      Next, The witch told him, ‘’Destroy Halloween night.’’ Evil ran to destroy Halloween. First he went to all the houses and ate their candy. The people were scared and ran away from the monster. All the kids whose names were Dave, Lily and Jasmine, were excited and went outside, but the kids knocked on all the house's doors and no one responded. The kids were sad.

                         After that, the kids went inside and told their parents about what happened. Jasmine, Dave, and Lily were sad so they walked slowly back to their home. Suddenly Jasmine saw the monster! She screamed and said, “That is the monster!’’ Dave and Lily turned around and saw a monster too. 

          Then, the monster heard them and ran away. Jasmine, Lily, and Dave chased the monster and the monster fell. Jasmine asked him, “Are you ok?  Why did you destroy halloween?’’  The monster replied to Jasmine, “The witch told me to destroy it.” Jasmine wanted to change Evil’s name to Boogie. The monster said, “Yes, I accept that name.” Boogie told them to call 911 and arrest the witch. Jasmine said, “Yes, Okay I will!”

              Finally, Jasmine called the police and the police arrived. Boogie told the police to arrest the witch. The witch apologized to Boogie and he said, “I accept your apology, never make a new mean monster again.” She promised and from that day on she never made a mean monster again!


Went to the Beach

By: David

I really love the beach. This summer I have got to go. There were a lot of people. It was my family, family friend and my friends. We drove far away, like 3 hours. I was really excited!

Next we finally made it to the beach! We walked around and saw a lot of people. I think there were 1 billion people at the beach! 

After that we saw a big ocean and we decided to swim in the ocean. My parents taught me to be careful, because my parents don’t want me to eat salty water. We saw waves and more waves. It was crazy.

Then my friends were looking for rocks. My friends got a lot of rocks. We also rented a surfboard. The waves pushed me back on the board. It was enjoyable.

Finally I had a lot of fun. It was almost night time so we went home. I asked  my parents ‘’Are we going to the beach next year’’ and my parents said yes. I was happy. I went to sleep and dreamed about going to the beach.