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By: Jersie

December 2021


I'm going to tell you about skating. Skating is a sport that males and females can do. It can hurt you but when you start it helps you get outside a lot. But when you get hurt you can know that you will be getting hurt so if you get hurt again you will know why that is why you need your belits.

The subject of skating is that you have more fun than ever and never give up. Some of the equipment you need to go skating are  need to have a strong skateboard and you have to have good wheels. And have good things for skating.

The equipment is skateboard, helmet, knee pads, elbows pads. You can also get a snack to eat or like water, Gatorade, juice, and that is what you can get to give you energy.

The place you go to for skating is a skate park, roller town, and a playground park. And you can also go to hills that you can ride down on a skateboard or skates.

And that's what you do when you skate and hope it works for you and like I said, never give up. Why I said this is because you will never get ahead in life so I can know how to do it. That is why I love skating.