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Last New Year's Eve I went to my  grandma's House,It was fun to be with everyone. 

The first thing I was waiting for the the time to pass by like a car on the highway, but then I smelled food cooking and grapes in the air but i didn’t want to go in the kitchen with those hot pots and ovens on so I  stayed  in the room for a little while,Then my grandma said, “Food is ready.” I think that she speaks Spanish and I don't.

After a few minutes it was night and it was eleven- fifty five and the timer went down like a nuke from the army base. Everyone was taking their phones out to take pictures during the countdown. Only a few seconds left  everyone was counting down {including me} ”5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEARS” the room was filled with voices!

After new years eve happened I  was ready to experience a new year! I knew that if I wanted  to be in a new year then I would need some goals to complete. Then after I made up a few goals it was breakfast so I continued my normal day but except in a new year 2021.

Then finally after we packed after another few days, we went home. And we were happy that a new year has happened and one  thing we knew is that we knew that this year would be a life changer to my family.