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By: Ismael

 December 2021

Rabbitís are one of my favorite animals. Iím going to tell you about the equipment you need, the food you need, and how to care for them.

The first thing you need to know is the equipment you need. You will need somewhere to keep them, like a cage. Another thing you also need is a bowl for their food. Finally you need a water bottle, so they can drink.

You will also need food. The types of food you can give to them are fruits, and vegetables, but you need to take out the seeds or it can harm the rabbit. You can not give them a lot of fruits and vegetables because they will not want their normal food. You can give them fruits, and vegetables every now and then. You also can just give them their normal food. You can also give them treats, but not too much though.

It is also important to know how to take care of them. Something you need to know is do not squish them. Another thing you need to know is that you do not take them up high because they are scared of heights. Something that's really important that you need to know is to not touch their tummy hard because itís sensitive.

Rabbits are great animals to have as pets. I was able to tell you all about the equipment they need, and their food, and how to care for them. Now you know all about rabbits.

My Trip to Santa Cruz

By: Ismael

I was with my aunt and my mom and dad and my two cousins and It took place in Santa Cruz. First we woke up early in the morning. We got our stuff that we packed the other day and we packed sandwiches. My mom drove us this time. My dad always drives us,but not this time..

Once we got there we ate the sandwiches and I was the last one to finish eating. My dad and I left a little bit. When I eat slowly  Iím the slowest. Once me and my dad left a little piece of the sandwich, got out of the car and we drank blue mini energy drinks.

We got on a merry-go-round and a blue roller coaster that goes on itís side. And it feels like a hoverboard!

Then we got on a little car ride. It went fast. and my mom and we were right behind my cousin and brother. They were in front of us.

Finally we got on a hang gliding ride and we got on a pirate ship ride then we went inside a building we went to a restroom and saw a mini golf mom said no I got mad then went to a restroom and then we left back to my house.