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Haunted House

By: Somaya

Once there was a family of ghosts  and they were in a haunted house. There was a boy named Billy and a girl named Jessie. One Halloween night they were trick-or-treating.


That night Jessie found a haunted house. There was a sign that said BEWARE!  Jessie said, “Let's go in.”  Billy said, “ 

No.  It says beware.  I think it is a trap.” Jessie said, “Remember you said if I needed help you would help me?” “Okay,” said Billy.  “I will come in with you.”  Jessie said, “Yes.


They went inside. Jessie heard a noise in the closet.  It was a ghost. Jessie said, “I regret being here. I guess you were right.”  Billy said, “Come, I found a room.”  Next they got trapped.  Then they found a key, but they called the police anyway. Lastly, they found an exit and they  went back home and NEVER WENT BACK TO THAT HOUSE AGAIN .


Jessie said, “I am still thinking about that haunted house.” Billy said, “NO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT SCARED ME.”  Jessie said, “You are not my mom. Stop being a whiny baby.” “Okay,” said Billy, “but Jessie I want  to go trick-or-treating somewhere else.”  “Okay,” said Jessie 


Finally they went somewhere else.  This house had a sign that said COME IN.  Billy said, “Oh no, remember last time what happened?” Jessie said, “Okay I guess you are right because of last time. We could go and get some ice cream,” Jessie  said.  “Okay,” Billy said.  So they never went back out trick-or-treating to that house ever again.

To be continued...


Going to Pismo beach with my family

By Somaya

Have you ever been to Pismo Beach? Have you been in the water at Pismo beach? Have you ever been to a chocolate shop at Pismo Beach? I went to get  a Pismo shirt. The past summer my family and I did  different stuff like trying  food,  swimming  and playing on the sand. My family got a hotel and where we tried the food was across the street. I went  to Pismo Beach because we were  locked up in my house for a long time because of covid 19.

Next my mom and I went to a toy store to get stuff for the water  and sand.Then we all drove a 3 hour drive to get to Pismo.When we got there we found our hotel

Then my best friend Zoe and I went shopping for clothes and shoes. My mom’s friend ordered pizza for us. Zoe had her brother Max also . We p

layed with toys in the hotel then we  went shopping for groceries.   After we got back to the hotel  we watched tv  and ate popcorn.

After we got back we went to take a nap.After we had a nap we went to the water again because Zoe and Max  did not  get to go in the water.

went on the highway to go home.Finally we went home.Then we went to a fast food place after we ate we all went back to the hotel .The next morning we had pancakes for breakfast  and we packed up our stuff.