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how to roller skating 


December 2020


Today I'm going to be talking  about skating. I love skating. I'm also really good at it. If you would like to learn about it let me know I will teach you 


Some places you can go to skating. One you can go to roller town.  Another place is the skating park. And scant at home


Some of the equipment that you need are skates and sum pans.  Other equipment that you need is a flat place to skate.  And maybe knee pads and a helmet. And you are ready. got hurt. 


Some tricks you can learn are jumping. And going back. You can also go fast.  But when doing the tricks, be sure to be careful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


hope you have a good time going skating. Be sure to be careful. But you are going to fall on the first try.  But don't give up and always do your best.

The Crazy Halloween 



It was a dark and stormy night. Violet and Zille were getting ready for Halloween.  When all of a sudden they realized that they had forgotten to pick up their costumes. Their plan was to find stuff from their house that they could use as a costume.   


“Zille, we don't have a costume,” said Violet. “Violet, maybe we can make a costume with stuff that we can find at home.”   “Violet, that sounds like a good idea


Zile now has a costume for Halloween. Let's have fun.  So the girls went out and did their trick-or-treating.    


Zille, we went to every home on our block.    Violet, let's go to the big Haunted Castle.  Zille, it is haunted. Ya ya, I’m going. So the girls went off to the Haunted Castle. Zille got attacked by a monster . 


Suddenly Violet got attacked, but a boy walked in and turned the lights on and  said, “You got tricked.”  Then they turned around and the boys were behind them.  Then suddenly 3 monsters grabbed the 3 boys and they were never seen again. The girls ran home and never saw the 3 boys again.  When they got  home and told her mom and dad the end