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By: Issis

December 2020


Iím going to be explaining to you what you need to paint, like the subject choice of what to paint. Also the equipment and who can share it with. I may not be as good at painting but I like how they turn out. So that is what I will be teaching you today!

First thing is the subject choice and what to pick on your painting. Like you can pick to paint a sunset or the ocean or yourself. But it is ok if you're not as good as painting you can still do it. Like one time I painted a sunset when I thought it was going to turn out bad. 

Time to talk about the equipment! The equipment is the most important thing about painting. What you need is paint brushes and different kinds of paint colors like blue, red, yellow and much more. But it is important to remember to get water and wash your paint brushes after using them.


Now time for who to share it with! You can share it with your mom and your dad. Even your sisters or brothers or even your whole entire family!! But most likely you can share it with a friend or teacher. Maybe even your principal or vice principal.


Anyway thank you for reading all about what you can do to paint. Or other things with paints but mostly itís all about painting in my topic. But my story is just about painting and who you can share it with or what equipment you need and what to paint.


The Three Little Ghosts

By: Issis


There were two kids whose names are Riley and Tom. They were really scared of ghosts. Riley and Tom are siblings. They also love Halloween!!!!! Riley: Are you ready tom? Tom: Yes, Iím excited!


The day of was 2:00pm in the afternoon. Riley and Tom were so excited to go out for Halloween. Their mom was getting them ready. Let me tell you they were soooo excited!!


They are finally ready to put their costumes and makeup on. So their mom tells them to be careful because their mom was going to pass out candy. The kids got a little freaked out that they were going solo, but the mom said only trick-or-treat around the neighborhood.


Once they got out and started trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Then they come up to this scary looking house so now Tom doesnít want to go in that house. But the mom was still passing out candy so they walked closer to that house.


They were very curious, well only Riley, Tom wasnít at all!! But Riley said she would give him all her candy. So then they entered the haunted house it was very dark. But then the lights kept flickering on and off!! But those three ghosts popped up and scared Riley and Tom. Then they got lost in another neighborhood. Let me tell you, the mom couldnít find them for a long long time! Eventually their mom found them and they were safe.


My First Time Seeing The Movie About Cruella

                          By: Issis

My name is Issis. The year I saw this movie was 2021. I went with my brother and mom. The movie was called Cruella, my favorite movie.

First we got there and got tickets to get in the movie theater. Then we also gave them the tickets. We went to see the movie Cruella which I was still thinking about and I was really excited.

Then we went to buy the snacks with the money we had. I got some Snickers and sour gummies. We also started walking to the movie theater. We were the first ones.

So then we sat down and waited for the other people. It was very scary. Nobody was there and the lights were off. Then some people arrived and the movie started.

Finally we started to eat some popcorn and candy so I loved that part.  The movie finished and we left and I took a nap when we got home.