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December 20,2022

Do you want to know  how to be the best player in the world?. Well you have to take a lot of  steps   to be the best soccer player  in the  whole world .   And I never tell anyone what my stuff is to play soccer to anyone no one .  so it will be the first time to do this in the school. That is why I am so good at soccer .  So all of the steps  have to be so close together so pay close good look .  For the people that look very sus so go at them .  and do not look sus like them if they are still for a long day .


   Step 1;  When the ball is coming to you, go for it . Always  kick the person if they kick  you  and do not cry .  Lastly,  if you can have the ball you can get all of the people  close    .  Like if I had the ball  you need to get them all of the golls .  But there are more steps to it  that I will tell later in the store .  so  stay if you want to know more .  But  there is more  to go  if you want to be a good player  if you want to . 

 Step 2: When your team gets the ball try to  kick it really hard .   If the other team is crying because we made a goal, just try to make another one .  Because all he does is  a big lie .  And he always gets his way all the time .   So this year is the year I can prove him wrong and beat him. So he will never be as good as me now so yeah .  So if he tries to beat me I will heat up hard . so   I think he can stop so I can keep on going on and on .  All day until I win . 

And last ,  when you feel like you are going to bust you can yell . And just move on  and get to the game .  So say if I get mad all i do is yell and I feel better .  Because I get mad all the time and when I scream I feel way better and just get to it to make a goal .  So that was the end of all of the steps  and I think I can share more later . 

So thank you for joining my very good game . And will have more if I do not get eaten by a dino later .  be back for more if you want to see more of this game  come back .  To watch more of the game from my world bye .

The Dark Night

By: Niah

It was a dark and storming night! There were  2 people whose names were  NIAH AND LEAH. And they were at the store getting  a costume  for tonight.  Leah said, What are you going to wear tonight? I am wearing a  scream costume.  I think I will be an angel  so I can shine and  I can glow.   So  you think you can shine until  you see me. now how will shine now you will see me  shine happy now bet you can't shine like me I will be a queen  you will stand there . 

Really, Niah you want to shine?That is funny .All of the people will stare at you . I will be laughing TOO. YOU  are so mean, Leah. I hate you , Knock Bang! Did you hear that?  Yep ,  that is not the rain from cats and dogs outside. I am scared Niah . Girl you are 15 and I am 9  so you have to take care of me Leah.   Ok but that does not mean you can still be scared I mean  that noise  is not scary, at all right ? She is just a girl OMG  her face .  There is someone in  the bathroom. It looks scary  so I have to go in there OMG ok . 

Ok I will go there  Leah. OMG  it is the girl that took you last year.  She has big  eyes  and a big mouth  .  OMG .Leah  she has me, Help  She is going to kill me Please help .   Ok  punch, punch, punch,  go her  or got em e you will die  like you just did. So I think you can stay like that ..   Yeah but   i feel bad for that. You are right, We did get her before she got me,  so I will not die, We got her good  and she is never coming back ever again. Bye, bye  loser. Have fun  and never come back to life or els 

OMG  she almost  got me  I would die good thing you help me .  yep  now let's put her back in her grave so she will never come  back .   ok leah  omg she is so heavy she  weighs  more than a lion i am serious .   you are right  I do not know if   she eats a lot but you are right .   yep  she is a big lion bet she can eat a person  that looks just like her but bigger .   so she can eat a big big big kid  and not a fatty like her. She will not eat anything else  because I got her good  help . 

 That was the spookiest  halloween  ever  so I hope we will not have to do it again but that was fun .  I hope you liked my story of the nose in the bathroom .   I will have more next year by

The Beach 

By: Niah

You  will not believe  what I did this summer when I went to the beach . 

First,  We waited  in line and I just ate my snack.   So we did just wate . 


Next, we finally  got in the dunes so we got all  set  up .  Then I got In the water and It was so cold .   My god mom did not like it . 


   After that we  did so many challenges,  but I lost  .  Then for lunch we had a sandwich .    And I made a big sandcastle. It was cool. 

 Then we Went t to a motel and I got In the pool. It was way much cooler .  And I played with it with a little  friend .  I really liked  to play with her . 

Last  when to my motel and . went to sleep  .  i hope   you liked my story .