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How to Catch Bugs

 By: Abelia

Do you want to have a pet?  Did you know they can be in your backyard? I am going to tell you how to catch bugs. What you're going to need is your hands, a container, and some food for it. 

So you need your hands to pick up the bug or you can grab an object to pick the bug up, like a net or a spoon . You need your hand to set up everything to keep the bug  in a safe place. Your hand can get the good food for the bug like meal worms and fruit .

The next thing you will need is a container to keep the bug so it won’t crawl around your house. The container is the bug's new home because the bug might die during the winter time so keep them warm so they won’t die.And in the summer keep them cool because if they overheat they will die.

So what bugs mostly eat is other bugs, fruits and maybe plants if they really need to eat. Did you know that there are 10 billion bugs in the world or more? Did you know there are 900 thousand bug species in the world?

Did you know that spiders are not insects because they have eight legs and instets have only six legs. Did you know that only a few bugs can hear with their ears? And did you know that insects can sleep and a few bug species can dream? Did you know that if you touch a butterfly's wing they will die.?  Did you know that bugs can taste but they can’t taste sweet food like cake or bubble gum. If you do this make sure you follow the steps.

The Three Kids Lost in the Dark Moonlight

By: Abelia


Are you going to believe what happened to these kids on the 30th before Halloween?  Oliver and Moon were going to Star’s house to get ready for the hike and Halloween. Oliver asked, “What are you going to be for Halloween? Star blurted, “I'm going to be a scary Vampire.”Moon interrupted, ``I'm going to be a criminal for Halloween. Oliver Yelled I’m going to be a pirate  for halloween!'' Moon shouted, cool Oliver!” “Nice one, shouted Star.

Next they were getting all their stuff. Star's mom came in and she asked, “where are you going? “They replied,'' We are going on a hike on Spook Tail Hill.”Her mom replied, “Oh well be careful because you might get lost. “sStar answered that it's okay we have maps.when they left they forgot their map on the table. Her mom looked on the table then she froze in fear then she ran to the door, but it was too late. They had already left.

When they left, they did not have a clue. They were halfway there to the mountain. They were 15 minutes away. Moon was so tired she wanted to take a nap, but Star shouted, “We are here guys!” Moon muttered,Yes , we are finally here!  Oliver ran so fast his pants were going to fall off, and his shoes were unyielding. He lost his left shoe. Moon picked it up before he could.  Oliver yelled, “Give me my shoe!”

When Moon gave him his shoe back, they went on the hike. It was going pretty good until they got lost.They were all panicking. Then Moon shouted, “Wait we have maps! They looked into their bags and they saw not a single map.Now they yelled so loud they almost lost their hearing.

When they stopped yelling it was dark. The only light source was the stars.They got the big warm blanket out to keep them warm. Then they heard a bark. They thought it was a wolf, so they tried to run, but Moon fell. Moon cut her foot, blood was dripping down and they all fell. The floor.The bark was getting louder and louder, Oliver was shivering in fear. He almost screamed, but if he did the wolf would find them. They were hiding behind a tree. Suddenly it came to them and they realized that it was Star’s dog Max. Then Star's mom came and scolded them. When they got to Star's house, Oliver admitted that he was so Brave. Star and Moon hit him with pillows until he gave up.When they got all clean they got ready to go to bed when star's mom got to her room they were all asleep in Star's bed

How I Caught A Lizard

By Abelia

How did I catch a lizard? I went to my grandma’s house because my mom had to go to a meeting to help a community. Me and my baby brother got dropped off at my grandma’s house. Then we watched TV like some dinosaurs and slime so that is what we watched in the meantime

After watching TV we got an apple with honey. My baby brother didn’t like it. Then me and my grandma took him to the bathroom. Then we went outside to go see the chickens.

When we went outside we fed the chickens.Then I went to go see all the plants like the onions and the tomato and peppers and bell peppers.Then my grandma said she saw a baby lizard on the ground then I went to catch it with my bare hands.But it didn't work because it was to fast and I got three mosquito bites in the processes.

Next  the lizard was behind the trash can. It stayed there. I moved the trash can a little bit so I could catch it and I wouldn't scare it.Then my grandma got a cup for me, but my baby brother took it . My grandma got another cup fast and gave it to me. Then I moved the trash can to catch it. Then I caught it .

Then I took it home. I put it in a cage so I can keep it safe.In the cage it was a plastic jar I filled it with sand then I put a stick  for it to climb and a little fish toy for it .After a week my dad said we can’t keep a lizard.So I said ok  then two more days later and I let it go in the wood pile in my backyard