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By: Yoselin

December 2020


The first thing you need is a iPad and maybe a Apple Pen

You need an iPad or a phone. An apple pen is optional or you can use your finger.  


The next thing you need to do to be good at Roblox is an account with your name on Roblox  and your password. Do not let people know your password but they can know your name.

Finally you need to have someone to play with. You can play with your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad,  and  friends. There are many games that you can play on Roblox. There are also mini games. 

and that's how I know Roblox so much 


 His Friends House

By: Yoselin.C #6


Sam is going to come to his friend William Frank's house. What he thought was not what he expected. William asked Sam, “ Want to come to my house?’ . Sam said, “Yes, but not till after school.”  William said, “Ok.” After school Sam went to William's house. The house was scary. Sam got in there. Sam asked, “William, are you there?” There was no  furniture, there were a lot of weeds.  Then there was a person who looked like William.  It was William, but a ghost. The room changed. Sam tried to find the door. Sam found the door and he was relieved. The next day he ask  his friend, “Where is Willam?’’  His friend said, “What are you saying? Who's Willam?’’

Going To My Cousin's House

By: Yoselin

Did you konw  that my cousin has a dog? This past summer,my cousins, my mom and dad and my aunt went to my cousin ‘s home in Long Beach .Next me and my family went to my cousin's home. We arrived at her home and my cousin and I played with  dolls. I said hi to my cousin and my Aunt and to her dog named Mimi.  

After that we went to eat pizza and watch TV.  The TV was fun to watch And the pizza was good too. We watched cool  shows like youtube look for  something on youtube.Then we played with dolls again. It was fun to play with dolls. I was a cook and I had my home with some dogs.

Finally me and my family said bye to my Aunt and cousins.  It was sad but I had to, But I would see her again. My family went to a gas station. I got a toy and my brother too.