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Making Slime At Home 

By: Belen 

December 2022

Have you ever made slime at home ?I知 going to tell you the supplies you will need ,WhereIi do it,and what I do with it

I'm going to tell you all about  how to make slime.I知 going to tell you the supplies you need.The first supply you need is glue because you need the glue to start off  the slime. The next supply is paint to add color to your slime.The last supply is laundry soap because that makes the slime.That痴 the supplies to make slime have fun making it.You can add more if you want.

I知 going to tell you what I do with it.What I do with it is sell it so I can get money for it.Something else I do with it is give it to my sister because  sometimes she gives me money for it.Also I play with it when I have time.

I知 going to tell you what I do with it.What I do with it is sell it so I can get money for it.Something else I do with it is give it to my sister because  sometimes she gives me money for it.Also I play with it when I have time.

This Is Why I Don't GO Trick Or Treat Any More 


It was Halloween and it  was time to go trick or treating with my friends . It was about 10: 30 and my friends hadn't gotten there yet. What I did to pass time was go on my phone . 10 minutes passed by and my friends came and hugged me because I was so cold .We waited. Abelia but she did not come .

We had one problem. Abelia hasn't come yet .  We got scared,   so I  went to her house and she opened the door saying that she can't find her costume . I  went to go help her find it.Then we found it was in the bathroom . I went to wait outside for her. Abelia hurried up and we got to go trick or treating because all the good candy will be gone.  We will be left  with bad candy, like gumdrops . I知 going to put my costume on and can you get my bag because we have to go with the other girls. They have been waiting for 10 mins . I知 going to wait outside with your stuff,  but I might go to the house  down the road to check if they have good candy. I hope they have Smarties . I'm coming to Belen.Just wait for me because I'm putting on my shoes and getting my phone .Make sure to get your backpack, because just in case we get a lot of candy. Last year we had a lot of candy . Ok I will just stay there. I'm here. I bought it. Let's go oh wait , I will lock the door.

After that we left and we went trick or treating with the other girls . The other girls were happy to see Abelia. We went to a house that looked haunted, but we went up to the door and no one opened the door . We went inside, but then  the door  closed. I got scared and tried to open the door .It would not open. My friends and I pushed, but it would not open .  We tried to call the police, but no one was there .An hour later we tried to open the back door, but it would not open . 

A min later the police came and took us home. The police told my mom what had happened . She told me and my friends to be careful .We want back tricks or treats  .We had so much fun .

Finally We want home . I Felt sleepy.  That was the  worst, and the best,Halloween ever .We all said our goodnights and fell asleep .

When I Went To the River

By: Belen

This past summer I went to the river. The people that went with were my family and my friends .Me and my little sister went to go touch the water after we finished touching it. We got in the water and played for a little bit . 

Next,we got hungry .What we ate was pizza  and chips. We also drank soda. My mom said she wanted tacos so we made tacos. When the tacos were done I ate about 4 tacos and they were delicious.

After that,it got late, so we had to leave.  Before we left we said bye to my family .Then we left.  Before we left we made sure to clean up. It took about 1 hour to get home .

Then, when we got home. I went outside with my dogs. While I was outside I gave them food and water. Then I went back inside . I almost fell, but I caught myself .

Finally, I got inside. I took a shower then I went to my room and changed. When I was done changing I went to my mom and said good night . When I was done saying good night I went to my room and fell asleep.