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By: Jaelyn

December 2020


Today, I will be talking about my favorite animal, cats. Cats are animals that are related to cheetahs, lions, tigers, bobcats, snow lions, and the snow tiger. Cats can be female or male. Cats are animals that can run, jump, hide, scare you. And cats are also born with their eyes closed, they are an animal. And they have sharp claws.


When cats are babies they can not see because they were just born 5 minutes after the mommy had them and they can't play until they are 2 months old. They like eating meat like rabbit and cow meat.

Cats are animals because they have a body. They have arms, they  have eyes. When they are babies they can't see until 2 months old.  And they can play really really hard and are the best pets to have.

Cats have long nails, they have arms and legs. They can play. They are part of the lion tiger and bobcat family. They can rawr I guess and meow. They are fun animals. Cats are the best pet to have. I would rather have a cat because they donít bark like dogs.

Cats are  amazing animals because they can jump high. And they can   eat a lot and they can hurt  you like always. They eat wet cat food, hard {food and meat. They love meat and they are the best animals in the whole entire world. The best pets to have because they don't bark like dogs.


The Sleepover

By:Jaelyn Halstrom

Have you ever had a sleepover at your house? I had the sleepover at my house. My friends brisas,alaysa,and myslet all spent the night at my house and had a lot of fun.

Then I went to the store with my Mom and Sister. Then we got things from the store. The thing that we got was meat,cips and other things. Then we went home.

We got up in the morning, got our clothes and then ate.  Then we played. And then she went home. I was sad but we had fun and then I played on my phone.