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When I Went to Mexico 

By: Bella

December 2022

Have you ever been to Mexico? Well I am going to tell you about different stuff about Mexico. The first thing I will be talking about is different places in Mexico, food and of course family!

The first thing I will talk about is the different places of Mexico. The first place is the hot waters. It is really good for the winter because it is warm. Another place is the beach. If you have ever been to Pismo beach the water is really cold but in Mexico it is super warm! Also The plaza, it is kinda like an arcade except it is outside. They have games and you can paint different shapes.

The next thing I am going to tell you about is the food there. One of my favorite meals there are the enchiladas from this Mexican place. They are so good!! The hot dogs from this really nice girl are also super good, she raps bacon on it and gives us drinks. The fish at the beach is really good when you put lemon on it and salt on it with some rice on the side.

Now the next thing I am going to tell you about is my family in Mexico. One of my cousin’s names is Myte. She is 10 and she is really nice. Her brother Honaz is around 5 and he is also nice. Then I have an aunt named Phoebe who is their mom. I also have more uncles, aunts and cousins.

I love Mexico because of all these fun stuff like places, food and of course my family. I hope you learned a lot about how fun Mexico is, and I hope you really like it!

Halloween Party

By: Bella

It was a rainy night with thunder and dark clouds. Avery and Kayla were watching a movie and eating some popcorn. Avery was deciding what they were gonna wear for tomorrow, the last day of the school party. “you're coming to the school party right?” asked Avery. “Yeah sure I would just have to ask my parents.”  Kayla replied with a soft voice. “Well I hope you can come because I wouldn’t want to go by myself!” Avery exclaimed.  Deep down inside Kayla she was actually scared to go. 

The next day Kayla didn’t even want to go to school. She was scared that Avery was gonna ask her to come with her! She pretended that she was sick that day. “Mom!” Kayla kept repeating until her mother had finally replied. “Yes?” Her mother replied. “I feel sick”, Kayla went downstairs to tell her mother. Her mother checked her temperature. “You seem fine.” Her mother replied with a questioning voice. “Can I just please stay in for today? My stomach hurts..” asked Kayla. “Fine,'' her mother replied. So for that day Kayla stayed in.

The next day Kayla went to school and she saw Avery. “Hey!” exclaimed Avery. “oh hey,: Kayla replied awkwardly. “Why didn’t you come to the party yesterday?” Asked Avery. “Oh the party..uh I just forgot.” Well you're in luck, they actually just moved the party today, so now you can come!” “uhh.. I'd rather not come,” Kayla replied and she sounded scared. “Oh come on, it will be fun!” Avery replied with excitement. “Uh no that's ok-” Kayla was so scared she didn’t even want to be in that conversation. “I’ll call my mom so she can take you with me” “NO NO!!-” Then Avery called her mom and so they had to get ready.

Then they were ready. “Oh wait, the cake.” Avery grabbed the cake and headed out. “Uhh maybe we should go back to your house..” Kayla was terrified. She didn't like the dark at all and she didn’t like going out of the house without a parent or adult. “Oh come on don’t be a scaredy cat you'll be fine”. Then they tried to sneak in and then… A SECURITY GUARD started chasing them! They started running and the cake Avery was starting to fall, but thankfully she didn’t let it slip out of her hands. I told you this wasn’t a good idea!” Kayla yelled maddly.”Okay.. I’ll admit it wasn't the best idea.” Avery replied. So they ran into an alley. They thought that they had lost the security guards but then all of a sudden “HEY, YOU GIRLS!” It was the security guards! “Run!!” yelled Avery but they weren't fast enough and the security guards caught them..

Finally the security guards took Avery and Kayla to a park with the security guard dogs. “Uh why are we here?” asked Avery. “Because we just wanted some cake.” the security replied. “That's it..?” asked Avery. “Um yeah we were just really hungry and wanted some.” Replied the security guards. Kayla was so shocked and scared at the same time.”So can we have some?” asked the security guards ‘Yeah I guess, sure!’ Avery replied, “thanks” exclaimed the security guards. “Cat got your tongue?'' asked Avery‘Um no I'm just super surprised!’ Kayla replied “well  do you want some cake?” asked Avery. “You know what..YEAH!” laughed kayla. The next day they went to school everyone kept asking why they weren't there yesterday “it's a long story..” replied Avery and Kayla.

 When I Went to Gilroy Garden      

          By: Bella

I was so tired but we were on our Gilroy Garden! First we picked up my stepsister in the night and she slept over. We had to pick up my aunt as well. The next day our grandma came by our house to check up on me and my family. My brother, mom, and my stepdad loaded the car up. I know we are going to have fun!

Next, me and my little brother fell asleep in the car. My aunt, and step sister were using the phone. When I woke up I used my ipad but my brother was still sound asleep. Then I got kinda tired of my ipad so I took another nap

After that, while we were driving, some butterflies were hitting the car and it sounded like hail! We kept driving and they wouldn’t stop hitting the car. We also realized that we were kind of next to my aunt's house that lives far away.  

Then we stopped at McDonalds and my aunt, little brother, stepsister, and I got pancakes and eggs. My mom and step dad got breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns.

 Finally after 3 hours in the car waiting, we finally arrived and I had the best time ever there!