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My Dog

By: Khloee

December 2021


Have you ever noticed  that there are a lot of  interesting things about your dogs? Three things I'll be telling you about my dog are what my dog looks like, how well trained my dog is, and how my dog acts. 

To start, what does my dog look like? My dog is brown and white. It is a boy and his name is Rio. He is a German short haired pointer mix with a lab. A German short haired pointer is a service dog and a good hunter dog. A lab dog is also a good service dog. They have sharp teeth and floppy ears. My dog has short hair and is energetic. He is on his head mostly and has blue and green eyes. He also has webbed feet like a duck. They are great swimmers. This is what my dog looks like. I hope I  gave you enough details too.


Next, I will tell you  how well trained my dog is. If you tell my dog Rio a command,  he does it right away. Rio is a great listener but he still needs to work on the command to speak that one. If  my dog keeps following you  all you have to do is tell him to stay and he will just lay there. Dogs bark a lot but if my dog barks and you tell him to be quiet he will. If he doesn’t I play with him for a while then he stops. Those are some examples  of how well trained my dog is  he is a good dog and listener besides the speak command.

Next I am going to tell you  how my dog acts. My dog  doesn't bite or jump on you. He is very nice and lets anyone pet him. If he likes you he puts his paw on your hand. If he does jump on you just pat him on the side and he gets off he doesn't even scratch. Those are examples and details on how my dog acts.

Finally that is all about my dog .how he acts like if he bites and acts around people, and how he looks what colors is he and other stuff, and don’t forget about if he is well trained or not , how good he listens and does commands ,.I hope you like everything I wrote and don't forget to give dogs a second chance. if you don't like them think about it  if you still don't and  if you do I have nothing  to tell you.

The sleepover

By: Khloee


Once there were 4 kids, Khloee, Issis, Jersey, and Marcelino. They lived on Houston Street.The kids needed supplies for a sleepover that Issis had planned. The kids were at school. Issis asked, “Do you guys want  to have a sleep over? The kids answered, “Yes!”


Next there was a store by their friend Issis’ house. There was an old creepy van parked in front of Issis' neighbor's house. Marcelino  yelled, “Hey guys, did anyone notice the creepy van and the lights that went out on the streets?” Issis  admitted,  “Yes, I did notice the creepy van and no I did not know the lights went out on the street.”


After that they saw the scary van.  They rode their bikes to the store by  Issis’ house and got chills. Believe it or not they felt like someone was following them. Jersey asked, ”Who's following us? “Is someone following us?” Khloee exclaimed.  “We’re fine.  It’s proudly nothing, Jersey.” “Are you sure? Because I swear I just saw something, Khloee.” “Jersey, I’m sure.  I’m not dumb, but still keep a lookout.”


Then the store was dark and three of them were scared. The other  exclaimed, ”I'll go because you guys are chickens.” Jersie said, ”Ok, fine with me.” The car that  was there was in front of the store now so they all went in.

Finally the kids stayed in the store until the car left, got their supplies, and went back to Issis’ house.  They talked about it and told Issis’ mom.  Issis mom’s name is Claire. Claire exclaimed, ”It was a guy that sold snacks and candy to kids!” The kids answered, ”Really? What happened to him?  We saw his truck move,” Claire answered.  ”Really? Because he died 10 years ago.”


My Summer Trip

 By: Khloee

Have you ever been to Universal Studios? I saw where old sets are made. The past summer in 2021 Me and my family went to universal studios. We went because it  was one week away from school. My family and I had a great time there. The first thing me and my family did was go to the Simpsons part of Universal. Me and my family  went on a simpsons ride  and it was a virtual  killer roller coaster. My family and I  were hot so we got slushies and took a bathroom break.  After the  ride my Mom could not go because she had my baby brother. After we went on the Transformer ride we went on a Despicable Me  ride. I loved it. On the ride there was a fart cannon that came out and sprayed us. it smelled like bananas.  Then my family and I went to the Harry Potter part of the theme park  and I got to try Butterbeer. It looked really awesome. The butter beer wasn't actually beer, it was like a caramel drink that had a sweet creamy foam and fresh Drink. There was a slushy and a regular There was a harry potter roller coaster and another ride. Then we looked at the stores They had a lot of stuff. My  family and I went to a Despicable Me carnival games and played. 

There was even one that  was like the movie. I got a lot of prizes and a big Minion with a banana. Then we went to a Secret life of pets ride that was fun like the movie.that was my summer trip.