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By: Gage

Dec 17, 2021

I really enjoy cooking because I think it's really fun too and I just love cooking for my family. That's why I like cooking and I am gonna cook and I'm gonna buy food and ingredients.


The first thing you  need is buns to make hot dogs or nacho dogs. I also need meat and stuff to put inside the buns. It takes work and confidence and that's why I like cooking.


I also need many ingredients to make it but once it's done it tastes so good and I love it. I need meat, rice, garlic and some salt and once I make it it looks good.


I also need a camera to share the video. I need to share it with friends.  It's actually fun to cook and I love it and when your going fast you r heart beats faster and faster and faster and you don't want to cut yourself. 


I love cooking. You should try it and you have to put ingredients in it. It's kind of hard but it is really fun. The three things to know about cooking are hard work and confidence and what you need.