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On this page you'll find links to the students in my class. Their work will be saved on their page for them to show off to their family.  Each student has been given a number in my class and following that link will bring you to their page.
Enjoy their hard work

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Class of 2020-2021

1 Alexia W 2 Student 3 Issis B 4 Rayden B 5 JayAna C
6 Yoselin C 7 Maddox G 8 Carmen G 9 Marcelino G 10 Jaelyn H
11 Ashley H 12 Khloee H 13 Gage J 14 Kenny L 15 Marlene M
16 Logan M 17 Ivan M 18 Sophia M 19 Valentina M 20 Clarissa N
21 Alex P 22 Garrett P 23 Jacob P 24 Keira Q 25 Jaelyn R
26 Dania R 27 David R 28 Jersie R 29 Sofia R 30 Robert S
31 Jocelyn S 32 Ismael V 33 Somaya W 34 Student 35 Student





Honor Roll

1st Trimester   2nd Trimester

Issis B, Khloee H, Logan M, Ivan M, Alex P, Garrett P, Jacob  P, Sofia R, Ismael V, Somaya W


Students of the Month 


Aug. / Sept.

 Issis B -Student of the Month
Khloee H -BRAVE Warrior
Robert S -Word of the Month



Rayden B -Student of the Month
  Sofia R -BRAVE Warrior
 Carmen G -Word of the Month


November / December

Logan M. -Student of the Month
Gage J. -BRAVE Warrior
Valentina M.-Word of the Month


January / February

 -Student of the Month
 -BRAVE Warrior
 -Word of the Month



March / April

 -Student of the Month
 -BRAVE Warrior
 -Word of the Month



 -Student of the Month
 -BRAVE Warrior
 -Word of the Month



Last Updated: 12/27/2021